The Effortless Business Self Study Course

You’re trying to figure out why you’re not making the money you desire, why you’re not getting the ideal, soul aligned clients you desire to work with, and why everything you try seems to fail... 

You’re trying to be visible by posting in Facebook groups, appearing at local events, or doing livestream videos, yet you keep hearing crickets whenever you make an offer...

You’re struggling to understand out why people seem excited to work with you, yet they hesitate and disappear when you share the price of your program...


Maybe you’re second guessing whether growing a business is something you are really meant to do (and if you’re honest you question if you truly want to do this)...

OR if you can really guide your kismet clients™ to the transformation they desire ...


You Know in Your Soul That You’re Meant To Help Others Create Transformation and Be of Service by Using Your Business as a Vehicle for Change in the World

Right now that’s not happening for you. But stick with me for a second and let’s fast forward and imagine your life and business just 3 months, 6 months, or even a year from now.

Imagine living worry-free, waking up each morning surrounded by all your favorite things. As you swing your legs over the bed and feel the smooth wood beneath your feet you light a candle and head to your little center of meditation. Surrounded by your favorite rocks, crystals, and statuettes you feel immensely grateful as you ground yourself, and immerse in self-care. You’ll do whatever feels good for you, maybe that’s cardio, yoga, journaling, and then some meditation to raise your vibration.

You're experiencing all that self-care without worrying about how your kids will get to school or rushing to your phone every few minutes in desperation to see if a new booking has come through in your calendar.

You see, in this life, the you of the future is LIVING EFFORTLESSLY, you’re taking care of your commitments, and you’re enjoying the time you have to herself before you start the day and before you start pouring into others including your kids, husband, friends, and family.

You can do all that because you’re fully supported and have all the emotional, spiritual, and business tools you need and you’re going for what you want.

Stick with me for a second and keep dreaming.

Imagine how great it will feel to receive a full calendar (plus a waiting list) that’s booked with sessions full of your Soul Aligned clients (Bring it!)

Imagine being able to create financial freedom, travel in style and grace, and enjoy time with your family again just by growing a business that allows you to do what you LOVE ... (I’m in!)

Imagine having a constant flow of new clients and passive income coming in EFFORTLESSLY? (Yes please!)

Imagine seeing TESTIMONIALS of your clients thanking you for guiding them to powerful transformation and referring their network to you! (Soo good ...)

Sounds great, right? Well, I’m here to let you down gently. The dreams you’ve got for the future feel good. And when you close your eyes you see yourself having everything you imagine.

The only thing is right now you’re stuck, you’re invisible, you have no clients, and you’ve even started to question the path that you’re on. (This doesn't feel so good to admit, does it?)

I Totally Get It,
Just a Few Years Ago I Was There Too.


I knew I was meant to be a transformational coach. I set up my business & assumed the clients would be knocking down my door. (But I only heard crickets)

  • I would jump on any freebie possible to soak up content ... but either it was a waste of time, or I couldn't figure out how to apply it to MY PARTICULAR SOUL-CENTERED BIZ.
  • The gurus were teaching marketing methods that just didn't feel authentic… (SO FRUSTRATING!)
  • I thought "Once I start to make money in my biz - THEN I would invest that money back and get a coach or a mentor to help me go further" … (And this mindset kept me BROKE)
  • I had SO many ideas and would get overwhelmed on which ones to focus on (Shiny Object Syndrome - can you relate?)
  • Deep down inside, I was worried whether I would really be able to help my clients achieve their goals ... 

If this sounds like you - then you’re in the right place because we’re pretty similar, you and me, and I'm excited about how I can help you.

Curious about who I am?

I'm Indrani Phillips

In the Time Since I Was The Struggling Coach I Just Described I’ve Become a Powerful Manifestor.

Some Of My Fav Manifestations Are ...

  • My soulmate as a Divorced Mom! We have been married for 9 years and he still gives me butterflies on the regular!
  • My kick ass coaching business! I have a schedule full of 1:1 soul aligned clients (paid in full) who are magnetized to me and ready to transform their life. 
  • The Effortless Life Academy! I have dreamt of ways to support my tribe to fulfill my mission of impacting 1 MILLION women. My group coaching program mobilizes coaches to support their kismet clients™ to achieve their goals while creating financial freedom for themselves. 
  • Getting published! I set the intention to be published on the Huffington Post and without actually pitching to them they approached me to write a piece for them after they saw my article in Elephant Journal. 


If you’re reading this and thinking “well, great for you, Indrani, but I’ve never been that lucky in my life,” then lean-in closer because I've got something really great to share.

This isn’t about luck!

Manifesting isn't something that happens for the “lucky few.” It’s something that you can learn, something that I teach every single day. And I know that if I (and dozens of my clients) can do it, so can you!

This is the exact reason I created my Signature Group Program, The Effortless Business Group Coaching Program, which is now a self study course!

This program is for ambitious new coaches as well as established coaches who haven't been able to crack the code and create a consistent stream of clients and aren't making the money they desire. They are ready to step into their business and willing to do the work. 

If you want to fulfill your soul by helping others and making money doing what you love so that you can truly have it all (without being a slave to your business)  then this self study course is for you!

Before I Cracked the Code and Created the Manifesting Blueprint + Business Systems I Follow Today, I Knew I Had The Capability To Be A KICK ASS Coach, But I was Missing three KEY INGREDIENTS!

Mindset + Client Attraction + Business Systems!

I Knew I was a POWERFUL Coach, But I Didn't Have a SYSTEM To Take My Client's Through Transformation + Build A Kick Ass Business I Loved...




I got clear on the confidence and mindset blocks I had which was keeping me small and not visible. I started to dial into my true soul aligned clients  and began magnetizing them to me in a powerful way.

And then an amazing thing happened. I began to fall in LOVE with the sales process and be able to convert my soul aligned clients like a BAD ASS … I got serious about my business and honed in on the IMPACT & INCOME generating processes to take my Business to the next level …

And that’s when everything came together. I was able to create a thriving, money making business, while being able to pick up my kids from school and actually be present with them, because I did not feel like I had to always work in my business. My life became EFFORTLESS and in flow.

You see, when you start to take giant leaps instead dipping in and out of your business, the UNIVERSE RESPONDS and reflects all your efforts to give you amazing results.

Are YOU READY for the same monumental shifts in your life and business?

When you join me on this magical business-building and confidence boosting 3 month self study course, be prepared for these major shifts.

After just 12 weeks you’ll:

  1. Understand exactly what it takes to build and grow a thriving coaching business
  2. Start bringing in money that puts you in the black, not the red (that means profits, baby)
  3. Reset and reframe everything and create a brand new mindset using my signature system of powerful mindset practices and rituals.
  4. Woo Your Soul Aligned Client - no more struggling or begging your ideal clients to work with you, they’ll start coming to you!
  5. Soulful Business Automation to create your dream business with ease + flow

In this program you receive:

  • Video modules, deep dive worksheets, and meditations to move your business forward

Through this self study course, I’ll guide you through the 3 main components for building a thriving coaching business.

  1. Mindset
  2. Magnetizing Clients
  3. Business Automation

We’ll go through powerful mindset rituals and bust through any blocks in your confidence to allow you to make the money you desire.

Next we work on how to MAGNETIZE your Soul Aligned Clients so your calendar will be fully booked with clarity calls and coaching clients.

Finally, we will work on automating your business and ensure you have the tools to deliver powerful coaching sessions with your clients.

This isn't just another business program, it’s not just another mindset program, it’s a GAME CHANGER designed to revolutionize your life from top to bottom.


As soon as you enroll by clicking on the below link, you will head over to Stripe and check out.

Are you curious about our Magical Manifesting Agenda for Your Life and Business in the next 12 Weeks?

Here’s a Peek at What You’ll Get!: 

MODULE 1: Create a Kickass Foundation

Mindset is 90% of the success. Here we will get you clear and ensure you are ready to expand into your booming coaching business. 

MODULE 2: Discover a Coaching Niche You Love

If you market to everyone, you are marketing to no one. Here we will drill down to get clear on who is your soul aligned client and why they need YOU. 

MODULE 3: Discover Your Kismet Client

When you know who your client is, the person who needs what you have to have to offer, it is powerful. You can then connect to them with your energy, your words and your services. 

MODULE 4: Powerful Coaching Techniques

This is a priority. Coaching can be a transformational experience when you are confident and have a structure for your biz. We dive into techniques feel good to you. 

MODULE 5: Create a Signature Program That Sells

Now it is time to get clear on your offerings as a coach and pricing for your to step into. Because the 1 off sessions with clients will keep you broke and overwhelmed. 

MODULE 6: Uncover Your Iconic Brand Story to Get Your Phone Ringing

Here is where you show up and stand out as the "purple cow". My diving in and creating your Signature Brand Story, you can magentize your soul aligned client to you with ease + flow.

MODULE 7: Set Up Structures for Success

Structures are vital to uplevel and grow your business. Now we will create soulful structures and automate your biz so you can truly create the Effortless Business - without being a slave to it.

MODULE 8: Master Sales Calls Like a Motha' Lovah

The sales call process is magical. When we fall in love with the process of the sales call, we can guide our client powerfully and show them our powerful coaching by having them step into a higher version of themselves.

MODULE 9: Cater a Marketing Strategy to You & Your Life

Here is were we will dive in so you know what to post when, so you don't have to be glued to your phone all the time to try to get clients. 

MODULE 10: Create a Tribe of Raving Fans with Killer Content

Now it is time to create powerful content to create a breadcrumb trail to your for your soul aligned clients to effortlessly follow with joy. 

MODULE 11: Release the Resistance 

Resistance can be a MOTHA LOVAH! So, we will crack the code and you will create an amazing, soulful ways to release the resistance so you can step into powerful, aligned action in your biz.

MODULE 12: Develop a Powerful Facebook Group of Your Soul Aligned Clients 

I have made over $175,000 in my facebook group! Amazing right? It is where it is at! Here we will dive into your facebook group and create strategies to bring your kismet clients™ massive value and have them buying from you!


Three full months of coaching with me would typically run you $15,000. But when you sign up for The Effortless Business Group Coaching Program, you be able to go through all of the steps to create your own business at 1/15th of the cost!




Are You Ready?
Go Ahead and Click Below to Get Started!

Now love, let’s talk about the dollars and cents. I know that your business success is priceless. Which is why I’ve designed this to be a perfect fit for you.

Here’s the thing, my 1:1 Three Month Program is a $15,000 investment. But for you ambitious badass coaches who are ready to rock your biz, you’ll get the opportunity to sign up now for this self study course for only $997!


Successful coaches are people who manifest by being decisive and taking action. I know this is you, so grab your spot now and start creating your business on your own terms. The time is now. 

Ready to create the magical business of your dreams so that you can achieve the effortless life?

Join now to leverage the early bird pricing and to grab these amazing bonuses!

After you select the payment button, you’ll be taken to stripe to check out. You can use a credit card if you do not have an account with them.

Once you make the payment, you will receive immediate access to Module 1!

Check out the top 7 ways I’ve designed this Program for your optimal success:

  • We dive deep into your mindset. You will create a customized mindset practice which excites you every morning and sets you up for a success day. EVERY DAY.
  • You will get into the head of your soul aligned client so you know exactly what they are struggling with so you can create a transformative signature program customized for your client.
  • You will be guided step by step through the messaging, marketing and freaking-amazing-value-packed-content to have those soul aligned clients lining up to book discovery calls for you.
  • You will master your sales calls with tailored scripts which work with your style with ease and actually enjoy it! 
  • You will have powerful tools to guide your clients through transformation and hold a sacred space for them to grow.
  • You will know exactly what to focus on in your biz so you can focus on your genius zone, deliver powerful results and create financial freedom, without being a slave to your business.

  • Get Paid & Create Financial Freedom Doing What You Love By Helping Others Transform
  • Create a SOULFUL Business Which is Aligned to Your Lifestyle and Personality
  • Magnetize Your Soul Aligned Clients & Draw Them to You Like a MOTH to a FLAME
  • Create an ENGAGED Tribe Full of YourSoul Aligned Clients
  • Have the CONFIDENCE to Guide Your Soul Aligned Client Through Transformation
  • Master the Sales Conversation so Your Soul Aligned Client  Eagerly Say YES to Working with You!
  • Automate Your Business So You Can MAKE MONEY Without Being a Slave to Your Business
  • Know Exactly What to Work on EVERY SINGLE DAY to Bring in KISMET Clients™ & Passive Income EFFORTLESSLY

How Would It Feel In 3 Months If You Were Able To Create A Kick Ass Coaching Business With Clients Ready To Pay For Your Transformative Services?

You Can Have That and The Fulfillment You Desire When You Enroll to Create A Kick Ass, Soul Fulfilling, Money Making Coaching Business You Love!



I’ve also been featured on more than a dozen leading websites and publications that my friends and clients tell me they dream of!

The bottom line is this… I’m not lucky, I’m not special, and I don’t have a secret benefactor helping me to succeed in business.

Creating an effortless life and business that rocks just requires:

  • the clarity to know what you want (I will guide you in this self study course to get clear on your vision together),
  • the manifesting magic to make it happen (I’ll teach you how),


  • the drive to use the tools at your disposal and go for it full-speed in your business.

Sounds simple, and it is when you’ve got a mentor dedicated to your success. Can you do it? I believe in you, now’s the time to say it out loud.

A year from now if you don’t have the magical business of your dreams I know it’ll hurt you deep down in your heart. That doesn’t have to be you, stand up and make this choice for yourself to enjoy fulfillment + the life and business of your dreams today!


I feel like the coaching industry is oversaturated. Maybe I missed the window?

I totally get it! I felt the same way when I was not getting clients. But, think about it, there are over 7 billion people in the world. Over 1 billion are on Facebook! ow, more than ever, people are investing in personal development because they are ready to create a transformation in their life. It is more than a $10 Billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone!

When you are able to create a powerful message and brand, you will be able to magnetize your kismet clients to you. It is a beautiful process. There are not enough coaches now to support the people who are desperately looking for support. I believe it is our job, our calling to help others and in exchange get paid very well for doing it.

Can I really do this?

Absol-freakin’-utley!! It all depends on you. My clients who receive the biggest transformation are ALL IN. This means carving out time to invest time in your business by doing the modules and showing up on the calls and posting questions in the group. I am here to hold space, guide and support you.

When I entered into the coaching business, I was lost. I knew I was a great coach and I felt in my soul I was here to make a huge difference by guiding others, but I did not have the confidence because of my mindset blocks & the business side. Once I started working on those 2 components, my business began to take off in a powerful way. It went from a struggle to being effortless. My soul aligned clients began to follow me & send me private messages. They joined my groups. They pounced in my offers. It was a beautiful process! And if I can do it with a stutter and no self confidence growing up, so can you.

Is there a guarantee?

You are the guarantee! You are here for a reason. You are an action taker and know in your soul that you are here to make a difference in other’s lives AND deserve to get paid for you. Enrolling in this kick ass coaching program is you saying to the Universe that “I am ready & willing to DO THIS!” And I will guide you in this powerful self study course. For that reason, there are no refunds after you sign up.


Let’s do this!

“My life has totally transformed in the 3 months that we have worked together. I am totally different person on the inside and you have given me the life skills to handle life for a lifetime!!! My biggest fear when I invested in this program was that I wouldn't see any results. It was a lot of money to spend. I would still be in the same place emotionally and in my business when we completed our time together. I was worried that it was a complete waste of money because I had already spent a lot of money on courses and coaches trying to grow my business. Did Indrani resolve this fear? Yes, a 1000 times yes!! Indrani taught me how to love myself which is the biggest gift someone can give another. She helped me learn to trust in myself and my higher purpose. She gave me strategies to help my negative, self limiting beliefs around. You helped heal a part of me that I didn't even realize needed helping. I learned that I was worthy and deserving of everything I desired by teaching me how to do the inner work.More self love which affects my relationship with my kids, my husband and myself. I am kinder to Myself. My self awareness is at an all time high. I feel more in control of my life and less stressed and anxious. I am happier. I am more confident. All this has resulted in powerful manifestations and increased my recruiting rate. This was the first month in the 2 years that I have worked this business where I have recruited 4 consultants!!! I thought that people who did that were rockstars and now I am a rockstar!!! More confidence. More happiness. More self love. Less self criticism. More customers and consultants. More focus. I am manifesting my dreams!!! Working with Indrani is Effortless!!! She are an absolute dream to work with. She had the right balance of love, compassion but also getting shit done. She is so fun!! I loved that Indrani knows how to balance the feminine side and masculine side so well. My masculine brain needed that!!! Thank you Indrani!!”

- Visa Shanmugam

“I am a better more confident individual because of our work together! My biggest challenge was I didn't believe in myself. Did Indrani resolve this fear? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTLY!! The biggest benefits is that Indrani let me lead the calls, let me work on my biggest issues that I was facing for the week. And I would leave our meeting super pumped. Indrani have helped me realized that I know more than what I think. She also taught me many ways of dealing with my negative thoughts. So I will always have Indrani's voice in my head guiding me! My biggest results was the clarity on how I will succeed in my business. You have helped me see that what I want is absolutely possible! I loved working with Indrani! She always made sure we stayed on track, all of my questions where taken care of, it amazed me how you didn't forget or get distracted. She made me feel loved!”

- Elvira Cabreja



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