Create Your Manifestation Blueprint: 3 Hour Workshop

What if you were able to manifest by powerfully co-creating with the Universe? 

How would your life change? 

I have studied, experimented and mastered the manifesting process. And it took a lot of effort to figure it out. But, once I laid out the steps, it became more Effortless. I have manifested a life I could only dream home. From my soulmate, to our dream home in Los Angeles to my dream, soul fulfilling business!

People ask me all the time how I can help them with their manifesting skills. I have created a 12-week course, Become a Manifesting Maven, which my clients have received phenomenal results like getting pregnant after trying for 2 years, manifesting their dream home, their highest income month ... 

Then, earlier this month, I received a massive divine download to support people just starting out to create their Manifesting blueprint in a workshop style. This is perfect to be able to crank out your blueprint with me in just 3 hours!!!

I created this Manifesting Blueprint workshop and it will blow your mind. We go through every step of the manifesting process while keeping it simple and effortless.

Within 3 hours you will:

- Create an aligned intention
- Release the fear
- Become a magnet for your intention by aligning your energy
- Design plan to take inspired action
- Attune your vibration to become a magnet to what you desire

 And of course, we have to have bonuses! Here are some that will continue the manifesting and high vibes after the workshop to bring in what you desire quickly.


- Morning Manifestation Meditation to set you up daily to be a magnet to your desires!

Are you ready to manifest a life you absolutely love? Then this workshop is for you. 

Here is what you receive:

- 3-hour workshop where you will receive instant access (Value $697)
- 3 Meditations on Trust, Belief & Guided Visualization (Value $297)

Total value: $994

But you are not going to pay anything near that price. I am hooking you up with the ridiculously incredible price of $397!

Here are some comments about the 11 step Manifestation Blueprint process! 

"Thank you so much, Indrani. That is an amazing video and you presented it so well and made the steps very clear."

"Wow, this is the first time for me to be able make clear notes on how to Manifest Desire. It's time to take action to decide which desire I would like to come true. Thank you Indrani."

"I love it and you did such a great job with the explanations! Love the energy too. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much Indrani for sharing your amazing step by step process!!!I just love step number 7!!!Wishing you love and abundance!!!😊"

"I love it. Thank you this is very inspiring."

"It is such a superb and very helpful workshop that you have created Indrani, especially because it shows your heart and soul so well. Thank you so much. My own intention is to co-create a new way of being with my Higher Power, to have a happy and fulfilled life."

"Lovely Indrani Phillips ❀️very nice πŸ‘ I have manifested before but I like your clear steps and it's very inspiring πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™πŸ˜˜"

"Indrani dear I love your words and your feminine energy, yes please post the eleven steps. I'm so grateful you made this."


I've used this EXACT process to manifest:

- My soulmate, an amazing father & my best friend as a divorced Mom
- Our dream home in Los Angeles while we were falling out of escrow on another home
- Left the dream job Corporate America to create a soul fulfilling coaching business
- My husband's huge promotion to an executive with a staff of 3 to a staff of over 80, with an offer HIGHER than my intention (which my husband said he would not get)

My clients have received massive results as well. From getting pregnant after trying for years to manifesting their dream home, to $15,000 to confidence and becoming visible and make money by speaking their truth, it's amazing to see how my signature manifesting process works for so many.

And if you are ready, I would love to guide you too. Let's do this!

Here are some powerful comments from the live workshop! 

"I had the honor and privilege of attending Indranis Create Your Manifestation Blueprint Workshop yesterday!! I don't know where to start I gained SO much insight, lots of tips and steps, meditations, but most of all the awareness that manifesting the life of my dreams can in fact be easy and effortless. We went step by step to get really clear about what it was I wanted to manifest, why, and how keeping my energy high would bring it into my life super fast! I cannot wait to report back on all I have manifested since taking this workshop and applying all the steps! Life just got EFFORTLESS!! Thank you Indrani!!"

"Literally Ive watched it 4 times!!!! And took notes!!!! Best part??? Each time I watch the workshop I hear and learn something new!"

"AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to take advantage of this workshop!"

"And the meditations!!!!!!!! Those were everything!!!"

As soon as you join, you get instant access to the workshop.

The first part of the pre-recorded workshop takes you through the concepts of manifesting. 

The second part goes into the 11 step process. Each step I go over and then give you time to journal out the step to integrate it into your life. 


The women watching the replay could feel the energy, got their questions answered and loved it!

"Thank you so so so much for this. Awesome workshop...I am in such a high vibe and about to go to sleep. Tomorrow going to just chill and enjoy time with my beautiful family and be present in the moment :) Love to everyone in here!"

Now it is your time.  Time to get intentional and finally have a process that you can use to manifest your desires. Because if you can imagine it, you can have it. 

Let me show you HOW. 


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